The Binney Award

At 10pm on 20 October, 2007, Jody Miles was driving home when he saw a vicious assault in Fawley, Southampton. Two groups of drunk youths caught his attention. He then saw a youth run towards and head butt a sailor, knocking him to the ground. Some of the other youths then joined him in kicking and punching the man. Mr Miles got out of his car to challenge the attackers, but was met by a tirade of swearing with one of the youths shouting threats about killing the victim. Mr Miles tried to reason with the mob, enabling the victim to get away. Mr Miles then got back into his car and drove further along the road until he saw that some of the youths had hold of the man again and were kicking him as he lay on the ground. Mr Miles, an RNLI volunteer, stopped his car and flicked a special switch that flashed the headlights alternately. Thinking it was a police vehicle, the youths ceased their attack. Mr Miles got out and tried to reason with the person he thought was the ringleader, placing himself between the youths and the sailor. He was able to get the injured man into his car – despite the group continuing their attack - and drove him to the nearby Esso refinery, where the sailor’s oil tanker was docked. The man thanked Mr Miles, but mentioned he had been with a friend whom he’d lost sight of during the incident. Mr Miles returned to the scene and found the man, apparently unconscious. He rang 999 and tried to flag down passing motorists, but it took time before anyone stopped. Mr Miles and the other person put the man into the recovery position and stayed with him until police arrived, at which point Mr Miles helped officers identify one of the youths, who was then arrested. Sadly the first sailor that Mr Miles rescued had collapsed and died within minutes of getting out of the car. However, Mr Miles’ considerable courage that night saved the life of his friend and eventually saw seven of the attackers jailed.


 Binny award